Plant Your Change
Plant Your Change

You can changeclimate change

Help us plant 100 million trees and remove millions of pounds of carbon dioxide from our air. Learn how to Plant Your Change.

Small actions add up to big change. Plant Your Change lets you fight climate change with every purchase. We make it easy for you to contribute to the solution.

Introducing Plant Your Change
Connect your credit card.
Easily connect any debit or credit card to Plant Your Change.
Swipe to plant trees.
We’ll automatically round up every purchase to the nearest dollar and plant a tree with your spare change.
6,060,101 Total PYC Trees
327,245,454 Miles Offset
121,202 Acres of Trees Planted
6,060,101 Total PYC Trees
327,245,454 Miles Offset
121,202 Acres of Trees Planted
6,060,101 Total PYC Trees
327,245,454 Miles Offset
121,202 Acres of Trees Planted
6,060,101 Total PYC Trees
327,245,454 Miles Offset
121,202 Acres of Trees Planted


Aspiration is dedicated to building a better world by helping people spend, save, and invest with a conscience.
We Are Aspiration

Our Partners

We’re working with leading reforestation partners around the world to reduce our climate impact. Will you join the fight?

Eden Reforestation Projects

Eden Reforestation Projects

Provides fair wage employment to impoverished villagers to plant, nurture, and grow native tree species as a means of fighting both climate change and extreme poverty.

Arbor Day Foundation

Arbor Day Foundation

Plants trees in neighborhoods, communities, cities, and forests globally to address the issues of air and water quality, deforestation, poverty, hunger, and climate change.

Certified B Corporation
Women of Color Collective in Sustainability
Future Earth
Green American
The Years Project

Your Impact

Your actions can add up to big change. Help us reach our goal of planting 100 million trees.

Millions of Trees planted
Millions of Car Miles Neutralized

Your Choice

You choose how you want to fight climate change with every purchase.

Set your comfort level.

You control how much or how little you want to plant at any time.

Cap your planting.

You can decide to set a maximum number of trees to plant per week.

Pause any time.

Need to take a break? You can easily pause your planting whenever you like.

The Time Is Now



It will take millions of us to achieve a climate-positive world — but we can do it. Invite your friends and networks to join the fight.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can trees change climate change?

Forests are capable of providing 23% of the cost-effective climate mitigation needed before 2030. Despite that, reforestation accounts for less than 3% of climate mitigation funding. That’s where #PlantYourChange comes in. Beyond carbon sequestration, reforestation (done correctly) can restore biodiversity and local ecosystems that have been disrupted by deforestation.

Can #PlantYourChange solve the global warming crisis on its own?

No. However, we need both adaptation and mitigation strategies, and we need them now. Carbon offsetting through reforestation (tree planting), is one scalable strategy to help tackle climate change. We each have individual responsibility and every one of us can make a real impact. We can’t just rely on the government and the political system to solve this.

This is something we can do now, so we should.

Who is planting the trees?

We currently have three tree planting partners and we are adding more shortly. It was really important for us to do our due diligence on the tree-planting practices, and we decided to work with the following three partners for our launch:

The Arbor Day Foundation is the largest 501(c)3 nonprofit membership organization dedicated to planting trees. More than 1 million members, supporters, and valued partners have helped them plant more than 350 million trees in neighborhoods, communities, cities, and forests throughout the world to ensure a greener and healthier future for everyone.

The Eden Reforestation Projects works on reforestation campaigns that are focused on restoring biodiversity in local ecosystems. Eden employs local labor for its campaigns planting millions of trees every year. One million trees equate to 10,000 days of sponsored employment.

One Tree Planted is dedicated to making it easier for individuals and businesses to give back to the environment, create a healthier climate, protect biodiversity and help reforestation efforts around the world.

How does Plant Your Change work with my credit or debit card?

On signing up, you’ll connect your credit or debit card via Aspiration’s platform, using a connection service called Plaid (a safe and secure third party being used by 1 in 4 Americans If you connect a credit card to Plant Your Change, we’ll also ask you to link your bank account from which we will draw the roundups on your purchases.

After that, when you swipe your debit or credit card - we’ll plant a tree by rounding up your change.

Example: Coffee Purchase for $3.88 → Rounded-Up to $4! And a tree is planted!

It doesn’t matter what kind of card you have or what you buy - each round up puts a tree in the ground!

How do I change my Plant Your Change settings?

To change your Plant Your Change settings, log in to your account by clicking on the Login link in the top navigation. Once logged in, click the tree icon in the upper righthand corner of the page. That will take you to the Planting Preferences page where you can limit the number of transactions you’d like to round up each week or pause your tree planting and round-ups.

You can also click the profile icon in the upper righthand corner of the page to reach the My Profile page, where you can change your linked debit or credit card, or change your linked bank account (which is charged periodically for your round-ups).